Integrated Hospitality Real Estate & Consulting Services

Selling your hospitality business


Our responsibility of selling a hotel will focus on helping our sellers to prepare for an expert Hotel buyer, advising them on how to sell, not just the basic real state style, but how to prepare their property for the eyes of a hotel investor. Remember that first impressions last. Small improvements can make a big difference to the overall appeal of a property.

Thanks to our years of experience within promotion of hotels, the tourism sector, real estate business and sales of hotels and other hospitality properties, we have a large database of clients who are looking for your property, for investments and opportunities.



To make sure your property or business is promoted the right way we have the very effective marketing tools, such as:

  •  A large network of brokers and hotel chains.

  •  Personal contacts in the local market.

  •  Direct mailings and preview mailings.

  •  Advertising and local tradeshows.

  •  A large database of investors who are specifically looking for a niche products from a resort luxury hotel to a lodge.

  •  Social media programs like linkedIn and facebook