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Price (USD): 4200000

Property ID129
CountryCosta Rica
RegionSouth Pacific
LocationBeach front
Price (USD)
# of Rooms12
Room for expansionYes
Tripadvisor listingYes


Tambor Tropical Hotel is in Tambor Bay, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. It’s a beach front property with 2.4 Hectares (5.9 acres) that holds clear title. In Costa Rica, only 3% of the coastal properties hold clear title. The Monteverde of the gulf the locals describe this area because of the bird watcher’s paradise.

The rest is under a special law called Maritime Zone Territory (ZMT in Spanish) that affects the first 200 meters from high tide average and is delimited by “mojones” or land marks, that determine the boundaries of this maritime zone territory. Which is forever owned by the government and only conceded to private by “Concession” which is a rent agreement. Concession properties carry a lot of limitations as of what you can build on the land and have very high concession fees. Clear titled land on the other hand allows all construction, if no environmental damage is caused, and proper construction codes are met. And property taxes are substantially lower.

The Hotel is the perfect retreat for families and larger groups. With a great hall and three private-bedroom suites, the Hotel is a perfect gathering location for wedding parties, reunions, and other celebrations. Or, just to retire in a comfortable space. 1 mile away from Villas del Mar beach.

The architectural striking resort is built on one half of the land, leaving an undeveloped section of 2.9 acres of beach front property where condos or a condo hotel concept can be developed.

  • 12 suites Hotel
  • High TripAdvisor comments
  • Spa and Pool,
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Kitchen
  • Two apartments
  • Kitchen
  • Spacious lobby
  • Adjacent Hotel property of 2.5 acres (about 1 Ha) of 450 meter of flat beach front and river side property (ideal for future development) like a condo Hotel or Hotel property.